5 Best Cheap Beach Holiday Destinations in Europe for a Tropical Vacation

5 Best Cheap Beach Holiday Destinations in Europe for a Tropical Vacation

Are you planning a tropical vacation this summer? Worried about costly destinations. Here, get the best cheap beach holiday destinations you can visit in Europe.

Do the words “cheap” “holiday” “beach” and “tropical” in a single sentence appear like a dream? Yes, Europe has an endless coastline, with beaches ranging from wild and rocky to the pristine white sand. You have numerous options on the list of the best cheap beach holiday destinations to explore in Europe. These include world-famous destinations as well as lesser-known gems.

However, most tourists are aware that European beaches typically cost a lot to visit. In popular Italian seaside resorts, last summer saw a jump in prices, leading to higher costs for beach access across the continent. Even though prices are going up, there is still hope for people who want to spend their days at the beach without breaking the bank or being crowded like sardines.

There are some European nations you can visit this summer if you wish to escape the crowds without spending much. At a fraction of the cost of their well-known counterparts like Italy and Greece, cheap beach holiday destinations include Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia.


Since the pandemic, Albania's popularity has skyrocketed as more and more tourists realize how beautiful and affordable it is. The Albanian Riviera is becoming increasingly popular each year. Also, Albania is making headlines for its stunning mountains and coastline. This nation's Adriatic and Ionian coastlines offer some truly magnificent shorelines and water that may be the clearest you've ever seen.

The picturesque beach town of Ksamil and the nearby party town of Saranda are well-known as popular beach towns. Both tend to become pricey and crowded as soon as the season begins. Dhermi and Himare are among the best smaller, more laid-back villages along the coast that travellers like to visit. Even though they are only about 30 minutes apart, you can easily enjoy cheap beach holidays in Europe, covering both places. And, you get to enjoy the distinct vibes. So, do your research and select the one that best suits your taste.