This City in the UK is on the List of the World’s Best Top Travel Destinations, Again

This City in the UK is on the List of the World’s Best Top Travel Destinations, Again

Must check this new list of 30 places ranked by Lonely Planet for being the best tourist destinations in 2023

Every year, Lonely Planet releases its awaited list of top holiday destinations that a panel of experts handpicks.

Now it’s back with its top 30 picks for 2023 that will make you leave your workplace and start roaming around. However, if you don’t have enough time and budget, you may be fascinated to explore Manchester, a rather buzzy destination in the UK.

For this year’s list, the site categorized the planet into five types: unwind, journey, eat, learn, and connect. The flourishing northern city is placed under the “learn” category. It’s complimented for its alluring arts scene. The place has evolved in terms of size and popularity in recent years, metamorphosing into a gastronomically diverse, proudly musical, and brilliantly creative hub.

Manchester is counted among UK’s best cities. It earned a place on the list alongside Sydney, Marseille, Lima, Montevideo, and Dresden and offers something to everyone. Publishers commended the city for its alluring arts scene, highlighting the renovated Manchester Museum and recently developed Manchester Jewish Museum. They also praised the Factory International arts venue worth £186 million that will open in 2023. You can visit Three Little Words or the Refuge for an enjoyable nightlife with cocktails, Matt and Phred’s for jazz and Band on the Wall for live music.

And this isn’t the first time that the city has earned a place on the list of the world’s best travel destinations. In October, National Geographic termed Manchester as one of the most extraordinary and exciting places for 2023. The publication also mentioned the city as a brilliant place for families to visit plus the variety of galleries and museums.

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